High speed digital video cameras for slow motion analysis

History & Leadership


Rick Burmeister

Rick is a co-founding partner and current Managing Director at MCT. Established in 1997, MCT is the largest supplier of high speed cameras in the Southeastern US. Rick is one of the most experienced high speed imaging authorities in the world and his knowledge is shared during customer consultations, onsite installations and even in the court room as an expert witness. Over his career, Rick has facilitated nearly one thousand equipment and software acquisitions and continues to work with customers daily. With a concentration in sales and marketing, Rick also oversees new business development, rentals, and operations. He works out of the Charlotte, NC headquarters where he enjoys time with his wife, Heidi, and daughter, Hadley (10). In his free time, Rick can be found with his family, on the golf course, or volunteering with I AM 24/7. He is a 1994 graduate of NC State University.

Brian Little

Brian is an MCT partner and serves as the Technical Sales Director providing sales solutions and technical support. Brian began his career with Corning responsible for engineering and sales support in the fiber optic sales and installation division. Brian later joined Accenture as Sr. Manager in the Client Relationship Management practice. Before joining MCT, Brian most recently served as Sr. VP for Bank of America providing relationship management and infrastructure services. Brian’s educational background and previous work experience combines a unique set of technical knowledge and problem-solving skills with client relationship expertise. Brian, his wife Gretchen, and their two sons, Ethan (19) and Evan (16), live in Mooresville, NC. Brian is a 1993 graduate of NC State University with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

History of Motion Capture Technologies (MCT)

MCT was established in the early 1990’s under the direction of David Wiese.  Our roots began in laser based measurement equipment but by the late 90’s our focus shifted to high speed video imaging products from Redlake, Kodak MASD, Roper Scientific, and Photron. Through the years, MCT has prided itself in offering the broadest range of high speed video cameras in the world and we’ve accomplished this by aligning ourselves with the industries top manufacturers and people. These long standing relationships are not only a testament to MCT’s reliability and competance, but they are a resource we pass on to our customers through engineering support, education, and preferred dealer pricing.

Today, MCT remains a leader in the scientific imaging community. Along with our own brand, we offer products from Photron, AOS, Fastec, and our new infrared thermal line from InfraTec. Through these products, relationships, and 25+ years of experience, we look forward to the future!


High speed imaging enables the user to perform detailed visual and/or digital motion analysis of machinery, projectiles, wildlife and human motions. Our cameras have been applied in a wide variety of areas including the military, industrial, research, education and broadcasting markets.


MCT provided the perfect camera for my needs. Their product’s combination of speed, light sensitivity, size, and cost were too hard to pass up.
https://www.mctcameras.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Granlund-Kenneth-500x500.jpg Kenneth Granlund Assistant Professor
NC State University


Exclusive Distributor in
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Exclusive Distributor in
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Exclusive Distributor in
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