High speed digital video cameras for slow motion analysis


image description
often used frame rates 500 to 1,500
image description
max resolution at fps 1696 x 1710 @ 500 fps
image description
max fps 100,000

The Q-MIZE is particularly suited for applications where a compact, rugged, and ultra high resolution camera is essential. This camera is a great fit for automotive safety testing or sled body structures where it mounts into tight spaces like door panels or the pedal area. Also a perfect fit for industrial or military applications with Hi-G shocks and limited space.

  • Sample Record Rates: 1696 x 1710 @ 500 fps; 1360 x 1024 @ 1,000; 1280 x 720 @ 1,500
  • Max Record Duration: Time typically measured in Seconds. Frame rate and resolution dependent.
  • Light Sensitivity: ISO 2,200 (Mono) Using Ssat 12232 (D) standard
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Minimum Shutter: 2 μs (microsecond)
  • Special Features: High-G, Battery, Customizable,
  • Dynamic Range: 8 bit
  • Budgetary Range: See "Camera Guideline" button in top right of this page
Sensor Options: Color or Mono
Onboard Memory Options: 1.3GB, 2.6GB, 5.2GB, or 10.4GB (for actual record time, see “Spec Sheet” Link)
Models: Part of the AOS Q Series (Other models include Q-PRI, Q-MIZE EM). See Camera Guideline for comparison of models.
Other Options Include: CF Storage, IRIG, Extended Battery, 90/180° Connectors, Flathead, Video Out, others
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