High speed digital video cameras for slow motion analysis

Photron MH6

image description
often used frame rates 500 to 5,000
image description
max resolution at fps 1920 x 1400 @ 750 fps
image description
max fps 5,000

Perfectly suited for severely space- and weight-constrained locations commonly found in both on-board vehicle safety testing and military testing applications, the FASTCAM MH6 camera system provides an extraordinary mix of resolution, frame rate, light sensitivity and durability through the incorporation of multiple small and lightweight camera heads with a single control unit. The MH6 allows up to six miniature (35mm x 35mm x 36mm, 100g) camera heads to be connected to single control unit. Extremely thin and flexible connecting cables are available in varying lengths to accommodate a wide variety of camera head viewing angles and mounting locations. Both the camera heads and the control unit are extremely rugged and have been operationally tested to 160G. Also provides automated image download to built-in non-volatile memory.

  • Sample Record Rates: 1920 x 1400 @ 750 fps; 1920 x 1080 @ 1,000; 1280 x 800 @ 2,000
  • Max Record Duration: Time typically measured in Seconds. Frame rate and resolution dependent.
  • Light Sensitivity: ISO 10,000 (Mono) Using Ssat 12232 (D) standard
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Minimum Shutter: 4 μs (microsecond)
  • Special Features: 2 to 6 heads, SSD, PFV4
  • Dynamic Range: 10 bit
  • Budgetary Range: See "Camera Guideline" button in top right of this page
Sensor Options: Color or Mono
Onboard Memory Options: 24GB divided equally between heads & SSD for download/ backup (for actual record time, see “Spec Sheet” Link)
Models: Only Model in this Series
Other Options Include: Additional heads, High G Lenses and brackets
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