High speed digital video cameras for slow motion analysis

Non Contact Tensile Testing

MCT Identified and Installed the Perfect “All Around” Camera for Non Contact Tensile Testing Measurements.

The Challenge:

High frame rates, high resolution, high light sensitivity, and small form factors were required for this application. Tensile testing often requires high frame rates in excess of 50,000 fps. Recording this fast is often challenging for a camera because the short exposure times mean lighting is very important. MCT provided a camera that met these requirements while also providing high resolution images where more pixels mean better data. The small form factor allowed multiple cameras to occupy a small test area.

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Product Needed:

The AX200 camera was chosen for this project because it satisfied all their needs. Megapixel resolution to 6,400 fps with reduced frame rates up to 900,000 frames per second. A 40,000 ISO Rating (using the ISO Ssat 12232 standard) is #1 in the industry for cameras in it’s class. The size at nearly a 4.5″ cube was ideal not only for positioning multiple cameras, but also for international travel.

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Why MCT:

As the exclusive distributor in the Southeastern US for several camera manufacturers, MCT was able to provide them pre and post sales support that also included a loaner camera when they needed an extra camera angle. MCT’s knowledge of the camera and application educated them quickly and efficiently enabling them to capture stunning images shortly after delivery.

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Buying high speed cameras and using them is relatively easy; the difficulty is in maximizing the quality of data that you can get from them, and for that you need “technical expertise”. MCT provided us with invaluable technical insights that helped us first identify the right cameras, lighting and other optical accessories, and then the right technical support for our challenging applications to get images that we could not get before... though we had used high speed cameras for years!
https://www.mctcameras.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/fadi-abu-farha.jpg Fadi Abu-Farha Associate Professor of Automotive Engineering
Clemson University


High speed imaging enables the user to perform detailed visual and/or digital motion analysis of machinery, projectiles, wildlife and human motions. Our cameras have been applied in a wide variety of areas including the military, industrial, research, education and broadcasting markets.


MCT provided the perfect camera for my needs. Their product’s combination of speed, light sensitivity, size, and cost were too hard to pass up.
https://www.mctcameras.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Granlund-Kenneth-500x500.jpg Kenneth Granlund Assistant Professor
NC State University


Exclusive Distributor in
Southeast US
Exclusive Distributor in
Southeast US
Exclusive Distributor in
Southeast US
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