High speed digital video cameras for slow motion analysis

On Time & Under Budget

Another MCT High Speed Camera that Met Customer Needs on Time and Under Budget.

The Challenge:

Turbulent combustion happens at speeds too fast for the human eye or standard video cameras to see. Cameras were needed to record HD resolution images at over 20,000 fps and near Standard Definition above 100,000 fps. On top of these heavy requirements, budget was a main concern along with a quick delivery.

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Product Needed:

The Photron SAZ was the most recent product of choice for this customer. It was chosen for its superior light sensitivity, high frame rates/ resolution, and its excellent image quality. Combustion often happens in tight compartments where special lenses and windows are used. The additional glass and limited light accessibility require a camera with excellent light sensitivity; the SAZ leads the industry with a 50,000 ISO Rating (using the ISO Ssat 12232 standard). This was the 6th Photron camera for this customer so credibility from the Manufacturer and Supplier had already been established.

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Why MCT:

MCT has been in the high speed video camera business for over 25 years and has developed distributor relationships with a broad range of camera manufacturers. Through these relationships, and our volume of business, we were able to identify the right product, quickly deliver, and all at a price far below our competitors.

I have three dual camera orders with MCT (total of six ultra-high-speed cameras). We needed the extreme camera speed to resolve combustion and detonation research for advanced propulsion and energy applications. MCT provided the perfect camera for my needs. Rick at MCT always coordinated with me to understand our needs and worked with our limits and boundary conditions at the university. Rick and MCT always came through for the three orders we have made, they have been exceptional in working with us on the camera orders. We plan to order another set from them and continue to work with them.
https://www.mctcameras.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Kareem-Ahmed.jpg Kareem Ahmed Assistant Professor
University of Central Florida

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High speed imaging enables the user to perform detailed visual and/or digital motion analysis of machinery, projectiles, wildlife and human motions. Our cameras have been applied in a wide variety of areas including the military, industrial, research, education and broadcasting markets.

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